Youth´s reaction to COVID-19

Being closest to the youth, I took this chance to get their reaction regarding COVID-19. Here are some of them translated from German:

For me personally, it is hard not too see my other family members. My family and I are disappointed that our trip to the Philippines for the month of April has been cancelled. We really looked forward for it.

Furthermore, it is also very hard for me to understand and accept those who still go out in groups everyday, just because the weather is good. People have been isolating themselves for more than three weeks now so as not to harm the situation more. It is mandatory to stay at home or at least go out alone or not more than two people. Not following the ordinance is a disrespect and a crime not only because of the possibility to get infected, but also the danger to infect others.


For me personally, the most difficult challenge of COVID 19 is to stay busy and spend my time usefully. Since it’s week 3 of me being at home without any freedom, I try to spend my time rather wisely than lazily. Usually I don’t have much time for myself, now I am finding new ways to do some self-care, nourishment and do things that I’m not able to do normally like spending more time with my family and building a stronger relationship with them.


I think the most challenging part of COVID 19 is to keep and live faith by community service. It’s very easy to deepen your own relationship with God through personal prayers but “online” service shows its limits and is very new for all of us. I don’t say that it is not possible to serve with online devices but it’s also not the easiest task. All we can do is trying our best in front of God.


Was herausfordernd ist während der COVID 19 Krise ist, dass ich momentan nicht meinen eigentlichen Alltag leben kann. Ich bin wie alle eingeschränkt in gewissen Bereichen und nehme die Regeln, die uns vorgegeben werden auch ernst, da ich nicht ein Risiko eingehen möchte mit der ich meiner Familie schädigen kann. Ich stehe kurz vor meinem Abschluss und mache mir Sorgen um meine Noten. Aber auch schwer für mich ist das Vermeiden von Treffen mit Freunden und der Community vor allen Dingen jetzt in den sonnigen Ferien.


The most difficult thing for me during quarantine is having patience for the people I am quarantined with, because it can build up my frustration a lot faster than usual. 🙂


The most difficult challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic for me is to prepare to face the aftermath, when the situation has cleared. I’m worried that I won’t be able to get enough lessons to study for my exams and I’m scared to fail in them eventually, but I pray to God that he will give me strength and hope to work harder.


Not being allowed to see loved ones, friends and family … also social distancing.

Weil der Alltag wird oder ist sehr eintönig und es gehen langsam die Ideen aus gegen Langeweile und ja… man kann mit Menschen Face timen etc. aber das ist nicht dasselbe wie zusammen etwas unternehmen, dass sich nicht nur auf einen Bildschirm beschränkt


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